¬©KaiBrandz is a start-up Boutique Retail Design Firm that specializes in the origination, funding, distribution, and management of unique concept retail establishments; Much like an artist paints pictures or a composer composes music, KaiBrandz turns retail ideas into real-life opportunities that will contribute to the positive economic development of the communities in which we live.

 Examples of the types of retail establishments that we produce are: 

Unique Fashion Retail Establishments  

Automobile Dealerships 

Boutique Grocery Stores 

Event Venues 

Boutique Real Estate Projects  

In addition to innovative retail and real estate projects, KaiBrandz is a champion for charity! 

As a standard practice, 20% of the proceeds from monthly total sales within all entities will be donated to a verified local, national or international charitable organization or cause.

Our ideal areas of charitable giving will include: 

Children’s Health Causes 

Cancer Research 

Youth Entrepreneurship Initiatives 

International Humanitarian Causes