Introducing ©Tag-A-Long Adz 


Our © Tag-A-Long Adz packages will offer small businesses a unique and affordable way to advertise their businesses; We like to think of our program as tag-a-long advertising; because where ever we advertise, you advertise, simple as that!

How Tag-A-Long Adz Works

To spread the word about KaiBrandz as well as our current and upcoming projects, we advertise EVERYWHERE; We advertise on hot local radio, television and cable stations, as well as online on all major social media sources such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube as well on Billboards and at Trade Shows and Fairs, Flyers and Direct Mail pieces.

KaiBrandz hosts large, luxurious events on a monthly basis which will offer even more advertising opportunities such as name mentions at the events, business name and logo printed on favors, signage opportunities and a full page ad in our branded advertising publication, KaiPages (which is a business ad circular that is put inside of patron swag bags given to patrons at our events and trade shows)

As a business, if you were to take on advertising with all those different types of mediums at the same time, it would cost thousands of dollars and be very time consuming; but…what if there was a way that you could advertise in all of those places at the same time for one price with no hassle?

See, that’s what we offer you with Tag-A-Long Adz; wherever we advertise, you advertise, we take the hassle out of advertising!

We work with all the major players in the media arena to ensure maximum penetration.

We offer 3, 6 or 12 month package plans so you don’t have to renew or pay every month which will make it convenient for you; all you have to do is sign up and we will do the rest!

Package Pricing

3 months $300

6 months $600

12 months $1200

We offer a package deal that you can not refuse…So what are you waiting for? Which package do you prefer, 3 6 or 12 months… contact us to start advertising today!!!